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Foundation Model

Cloud Based Solutions for computing


As part of the Foundation Model, Lambdanets provides installations of AbelMed EMR\EHR\PM systems. We provide individual licenses as well as licenses through Software as a Service, which is access to the software through a cloud service.

Lambdanets has partnered with the technology company Moolex to provide the cloud storage and computing services for practices:

Open M:

  • Level 1: Dedicated HIPPA compliant healthcare cloud instances which provide turnkey access to enterprises and hospitals. Small practices/ individual clinicians are grouped together so they can be part of a virtual group and benefit from better pricing.
  • Level 2: Substantially improved security is offered. We combine Moolex Fiber installs (encrypted optic communications) from enterprises to datacenters - eliminating the possibility of layer 1 - layer 4 sniffing.
  • Level 3 - offering hacker proof, sniffing proof computing. The Moolex Health care framework for an enterprise allows encrypted data to be accessed only from assigned / dedicated access points / workstations.

MHQ (Moolex Health Quotient) - AImAE (Artificial Intelligence Moolex based Activity Engine) :

It has 5 core modules - customized based on NCQA - HEDIS criteria allowing for a superset of meaningful use criteria. The advantage is that we do not stop simply at generating reports for intervention by Clinicians - we go on and monitor the intervention - as well as proactively allow a patient to access AImAE recommended interventions. When combined with MHQ Devices, it allows for development of a generation of devices which can make smarter decisions and intervene - while subjected to overall AImAE rules. These can include robotic devices that are capable of basic actions.

  • Predictive Analysis
  • What If Analysis
  • Near real time Intervention Analysis
  • Clinical Research Heuristic Recruitment Analysis
  • Outcome Research Regression Analysis


A complete abstraction of healthcare continuum data-points as required in the care of a human being. This is a customized version of publicly available DICOM standard, where:

  • Transactional robustness of DICOM is enhanced with several layers of a hierarchical model view controlled based Sphenome access to underlying healthcare data.
  • There is complete absence of privacy identifiers in the cloud based MHQ DICOM data - as separated from the privacy data - which is available only to credentialed HIPPA driven access of the care-provider and his / her organization, as determined by the patient / caregiver, in a transparent and audit able manner.
  • Access to all traditional DICOM modalities and their management and support.

MHQ Devices:

MHQ Devices are a family of FPGA driven devices, which has the ability to perform a variety of functions.

MHQ Services:

It include a host of services such as:

  • Is a Global , HIPPA compliant access trail combining various world class biometric / OTP / contactless / RFID and otherwise / based contextually verified security in our GEORAVE framework - GEORAVE is Geospatially Organized Reciprocal Authentication Verification and Exchange system
  • Transcription / Speechscription / AR monitoring / Fiscal burden ( Fiscal Burden is a near real time impact - especially relevant in the ACO level specific analytics) / 911 emergency response / care coordination / care tracking / telehealth / medical tourism / moolex nutrition / moolex genetics and several others.