About Us

Our mission is to improve health outcomes of the communities we work with

About Us

Lambdanets is a company based in Columbus, OH, founded in 2008 by an experienced team of people with the vision of creating a team of highly skilled individuals from different fields, but with the same goals of delivering projects that have a large impact on businesses and most importantly on society as a whole.

Lambdanets provides technology solutions for the healthcare IT sector. Our mission is to improve health outcomes, optimize the healthcare system at the community level, as well as reduce costs for patients and healthcare entities by using modern technology and analytical tools. We have partnered with Integrity Health Partners (IHP), a healthcare solution provider in Columbus OH, to deliver technology solutions to hospitals, private practices and communities.

Lambdanets has expertise in the following areas:

  • Data integration services: Lambdanets and IHP have developed a healthcare model with the goal of building a coordinated healthcare system for communities. The model, called The Foundation Model, brings benefits to all the areas of the healthcare system that it addresses such as the management of chronic diseases, improvement of outpatient recovery, effective access to patient information through data integration as well as a large impact on costs for both patients and healthcare practitioners. We provide customization of the Tiani Spirit software for data integration.
  • Electronic Medical Records: Lambdanets offers a comprehensive EMR\EHR\PM system from AbelMed. Our professional team provides the installation, software and database maintenanceas well as trainingof all practitioners and staff.
  • Software as a Service: Lambdanets offers the necessary infrastructure and technology to host software on the cloud though our partnership with Moolex.

All these three areas play key roles in the Healthcare space and Lambdanets has the capability of delivering projects in each of these compartments individually or in an integrated solution.