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Better Data Integration Technology

Architecture - Foundation Model

Foundation Model Architecture

The foundation model has the Provider Care Coordination Network (PCC-N) at the center. This network is supported by four pillars: 1. Health Information Infrastructure, 2. Health Data Sharing, 3. Increased Clinical Infrastructure, 4. Connectivity and Interfaces, which connect the whole healthcare spectrum around the communities.

Our healthcare information exchange system is developed and supported by the Austrian company Tiani Spirit, which has installations in more than 20 in countries.The system integrates data stored in practices, clinics and hospitals in their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems as well as from remote monitoring systems.

The benefits of having a centralized patient index are:

  • Fast and reliable access to the information with the adequate user verification.
  • Transitions from one provider to another are a seamless operation.
  • Patient data is readily available in case of an emergency.
  • The Diagram in the Figure below shows how Lambdanets plans to achieve the Population Risk Management. The data obtained from the key patient data sources is analyzed to create a patient-risk stratification where high risk patients can be quickly identified. These patients are then entered into the Care Management System. The patient outreach and engagement will create patient profiles with a 360 degree view of the patient’s health. The patient management and consumer health engagement provides a Patient Portal, where patients can see information related to their health and the care coordinators will be able to monitor and assess patient’s health and design a personalized plan of care.