Innovation- 3D printing with Robotics


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3d Printing with Robotics

Robotics - Dental 3-D Printing
3d Printing with Robotics Industrial robots are built to perform repetitive motions with speed, accuracy, and control. They are best and reliable tool for lifting, placing, and assembling large, heavy, and complex object in manufacturing, construction, and several industries. Due to their potential for scalability and flexibility, 3D printing is adapting industrial robots. It is now leveraging the tremendous capacity of industrial robots for industrial manufacturing. As such, 3D printing services is getting a new platform to catapult the business to a new high.

3D bio printing and robotics as a service
3d Printing with Robotics Lambdanets innovation is to provide 3D printing to utilize the immense potential of robotics and simplify the denture manufacturing industry. 3D printing and robotics operates on a similar technology. The former functions on steady, repetitive action to print multiple layers until the 3D model is printed, whereas the latter is audaciously reliable for performing any complex job that requires repetitive movement, control, and speed. This basic principle on which they function makes them ideal for taking new challenges in manufacturing and construction. By utilizing the power of industrial robots, 3D printing can leap towards automating post-processing, and helping dentist to visualize fresh, effective methods of dental restructing or construction. Lambdanets beleives if there is one thing that surgeons appreciate more than anything else, it is predictability of the dental surgical outcome. Materialise implants bring you that level of confidence, so a dental surgeon can concentrate on executing operations that can completely change a patient’s life. With extensive experience in computer-aided design (CAD) and equipped with the latest 3D technologies, Lambdanets can supply a wide range of patient-specific implants support services, based on anatomical data from the patient and other requirements.